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Sync slides from computer to mobile device... from device to a web page in realtime. No cables, no account. Just a link for your viewers. from device to a web page in realtime.

Step 1

Open a presentation in PowerPoint, Keynote or any tool. Save the presentation as images.

Step 2

NOTE THAT THIS SERVICE IS STOPPED DUE TO MALICIOUS ATTACKS. If you want to test, send an email to info@castyo.comEnter your email address:
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Step 3

Confirm your email address, then go to the Castyo app on your iPhone or iPad, tap "+" and sync the presentation.
1. Images should be named in sorting order (for example "img1.jpg, img2.jpg..."). Valid image formats jpg, png, gif, max image size 1MB.
2. You will use the 4 digit code when you sync to your device. To sync additional presentations, use different codes.

Download Castyo user guide (pdf)

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Initially, you get 3 sync credits for free, which means you can sync 3 presentations. Get more sync credits, using the checkout below.
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Castyo Texter – subtitles in theaters

Texter delivers subtitles in realtime, to the audience at theaters and sing-along events. The audience do not need any app, just a web browser in their mobile phone or tablet. The subtitles are sent from the Texter app in realtime, to a webpage. Several languages can be sent in parallel. This gives people with hearing impairment or limited language abilities new possibilities to enjoy live culture performances.
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